Who am I?

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I was a librarian in various companies and municipalities until age 40.

I was lucky enough to be hired as a temporary invoicing clerk for the first value added network in South Africa. The internet and email was in its infancy. The world wide web was still in the future for the man in the street. Every home did not have a PC. Mobile phones were the size of bricks and were too expensive for most people. Trafex was a joint venture between ISM (now IBM) and Standard Bank. Billing was not challenging so I had time on my hands. I took the sales figures and created graphs to show how well the business was doing. This impressed management who hired me as a permanent employee. This was the best thing that ever happened to me.
I was introduced to MS Access 2 and created a multi-user sales database to keep track of sales and commissions. If the sale was not in the database, it did not get installed and commission was not paid! This application opened an exciting career path for me!

I have always been lazy. I am always looking for a quicker, better way of doing the mundane! MS Access has been my tool of choice to simplify repetitive tasks.
I have created many multi-user applications in various industries to simplify their workloads

I have had fun at Trafex, IBM, AT+T South Africa, Cell C, Neotel, Internet Solutions, SA Coin cc, Stenersen + Tulleken and others. I am still having fun with some of these clients.

My favourite pastime is sewing. I make all my own clothes. I love sharing this passion with others.

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