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Fantastic Service

I use MS Access to create database applications that automate routine tasks to save time and money
I design bespoke applications that you can
I use's HTML Editor to design uncomplicated websites to meet your needs

Examples of Current Applications

TeleMagic captures and reconciles Telco invoices
MuniMagic imports and analyses Joburg invoices
ActionMagic automates Levy Statements for a Managing Agent
CollectionMagic is used by a Collection Agency
MoneyMaker tracks client asset portfolios
Labourwiz tracks labour issues for the Labour inspector, Bargaining Council or CCMA

10 reasons to use Magic Office

I automate repetitive tasks!
I create customised business applications
I am quick and efficient
I assist your employees to be more productive
I empower existing employees
I save salaries
I curtail overtime
I train on the job, in your premises
I keep procedures simple
I am passionate about productivity

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